Catalysing Investment

Viable opportunities for profitable investments in Northern Nigeria are being missed. We are providing investment facilitation, market intelligence and independent evidence to help unlock investment and finance across our target value chains.
Through our technical expertise and hard data for evidence-based decision-making, we look to increase investor confidence, reduce market entry costs and improve the likelihood that each project will succeed. Our international and Nigerian experts and our deep understanding of the local context help create insights informed by many years working across the public and private sectors to find profitable opportunities.
As facilitators, we trade on our reputation. We vet our partners carefully, thus buying down the risk to the investors and innovators who work with us.

Where LINKS investment facilitation work excels: 

  • Enhancing the quality and quantity of investment and market intelligence to support decision-making.
  • Brokering innovative financing for new ventures and expanding existing businesses.
  • Supporting broader state and sectoral investment attraction and retention programmes.
  • Packaging and promoting individual projects and investment opportunities.
  • Guiding partners through the entire investment process – facilitating public/private sector interactions in accordance with global best practice and ESG principles where applicable.

COVID- 19 Response

Project implementation in these unprecedented times is challenging for all of us in Nigeria, but it presents new opportunities as well. As part of LINKS response to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown, we have taken a number of initiatives